Price Portal, for Dynamic Pricing. A cost efficient system for small business.

By following products and price online you know how to set your own price!

The future technology is already here. Our system can do this automatically for you. You will get dynamic pricing and increased profitability.

Select your competitors’ sites and the products you want to track. Add your products to the system, select your competitors similar products from any site in any country, click Match. The matching is a one time job, the system follows your competitors automatically, and you get updated alerts and reports daily.

Rule setting system.

There are many ways to set up your price rule settings, for example:

  • Adjust my price to be lower by 3% than a specific competitor
  • … higher by 1€ than the cheapest competitor
  • … just below average market price

The system will now recommend you the optimized price based on the rule that you have decided and you make the price adjustments manually. You could also choose to add the auto price function, still in full control based on your set of rules.

Get daily reports with figures and graphs online that gives you all the data you need for strategical pricing decisions. You can spend the time you save on other important business objectives. By having the right price you will increase your competitiveness and chance to get the customer’s order.

You will also increase traffic to your site and place your e-business on a wider map.

Start the 30 day free trial, we have support and tutorials. Last but not least – enjoy getting in control, save time and grow your business.