Pricing Strategy

Many of our costumers are asking for advice and best practice regarding both the pricings strategy both also operation of their pricing team.

Depending on the industry and market which our costumer operates, there are different pricings strategies and best practice to implement.

Who are your competitors

A competitor is often someone who sells the same or similar products and who influences your company to perform better by adjusting and giving a better offer to the customer to win the deal. In modern e-commerce, many have a product mix between external brands together with self-produced brands where you compare your own pricing set against one or more competitors within different channels.

The term “overlapping products” is a way of identifying one or more competitors. This can be used in both your pricing strategy and your product strategies in many different ways. Its based on three different ways of sorting your and your competitors products:

  • Products that you carry but the competitor lacks.
  • Products that you share with your competitor.
  • Products the competiter has, but you lack.

Depending on the mix between these types you can apply different kinds of strategies for different categories.  

Market Position and strategy for multiple markets

Depending on the market, your position and size,  and other factors, the strategy will be different for each country.

Our strategy team will help you to identify markets where it could be profitable to expand – as well as supporting existing markets with overall strategies.

Some words from our customers

Priceindx have helped us to improve our competitiveness and pricing intelligence as well as optimize our product assortment strategies, which has given us a competitive advantage.

We get an automatic monthly overview, which means that we are always one step ahead of competition.

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