Priceindx has helped us with growth and conversion

Priceindx has helped us to improve our pricing and product assortment strategies in a competitive environment.

Their service has helped us to, in a seamless way, automate our pricing strategy and therefore increase both our site traffic and conversion rate. Priceindx is thus one of the reasons why Reforma has grown in such rapid pace during the last couple of years.

Furthermore, the Priceindx team is always responsive to our ideas and quickly helps us to recognize and fix any problems that might occur.

Their support service is amazing, and their competent developers are always just a chat message away, ready to help.

Anna-Klara Jönsson, COO, Reforma AB Sweden

We have fivefold REVENUES over the past five years.

Priceindx have helped us to improve our competitiveness and pricing intelligence as well as optimize our product assortment strategies, which has given us a competitive advantage.

This is one of the reasons why Ricoh have increased our annual turnover fivefold in the past five years.

We are also getting increased profit margins thanks to Priceindx, since their real-time solutions give us the opportunity to sell the right products at the right price.

Priceindx have also helped us to increase our efficiency and to improve the overall profitability within the company.

Ulf Ringström, Purchase Manager IT, Ricoh Sweden.

The intelligent MATCHING TOOL made it easy to get started.

PRICEINDX provides a smart tool to quickly analyze the price picture in the market.

Thanks to their auto matching, it was easy to get started and upload all the products we wanted to monitor.

We get an automatic overview monthly, which means that we are always one step ahead of competition.

Lars Martin Norviit, Founder, Vetzoo, Kista.

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