Serving customers within manufacturing since 2006

Priceindx knows and understands the daily problems you face. This knowledge has enabled us to create a range of solutions for any scenario.

  • Fielding calls from retailers telling you their competitors are ruining the market with price reductions. Valuable time taken up trying to verify the claim
  • Campaigns of comparable competitor products
  • Find the market entry price for new product launches
  • Grey Imports highlighted


We supply the exact data that you need and can rely on. Our customers have priority access to our reports online, or as data direct into your business systems. Our unique patented online matching facility helps with your hard to match products.

Our data guides you on a daily basis

Our Alert report guides you to keep or take a leading market price position. Simple and Sharp!

Click on the products and you will get all information about real time prices, changes in prices, positions and your selected competitors.

Complete visibility of your market position against your competitors