Dynamic pricing intelligence
since 2006

Gain an edge over the competition with market insights and dynamic pricing rules to increase sales and revenue. Fully adaptable and tailored to your business.
Trusted by some of the leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide

Product features

Gain an edge over your competitors with our AI pricing functions
Our advanced matching technologies are able to guarantee the highest matching rates in the industry.

Monitor your competitor’s prices and position changes once or multiple times per day.

Gain an edge over the competition with our dynamic pricing tools.

Advice and best practice regarding pricing strategy, procurement and operations.

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How it works

Pricing solutions for retailers and manufacturers

We work with some of the most innovative retailers and manufacturers worldwide and have designed our solution to handle the product matching and comparison challenges faced in any product category.

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No more struggling with correct pricing strategy

A dynamic pricing tool gives a competitive edge against everybody else, but if you want to take it to next level and use the tool even more efficiently you may need support.

Priceindx’s own strategy team will coach your company to fine tune everything according to your company’s framework to make it even better.

With a broad understanding from ecommerce and online pricing strategy we could act as both an advisory board or supply an interim pricing manager if needed.


Of all products that are being first time analyzed from different market places can raise its price and still have the same position as before.


Is approximately what retailers are able to handle regarding their assortment without a pricing tool.


Increase in sales or more have been shown within the first few months with clients applying monitoring and dynamic pricing into their price management.

Some words from our customers

Priceindx have helped us to improve our competitiveness and pricing intelligence as well as optimize our product assortment strategies, which has given us a competitive advantage.

We get an automatic monthly overview, which means that we are always one step ahead of competition.

Trusted by some of the leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide