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Genom att förse tillverkare och återförsäljare med högkvalitativ Business Intelligence över hela Europa sedan 2006, har Priceindx etablerat sig som den förstklassiga leverantören.

Vi är aktiva inom merparten av världens marknadssektorer och är fullt engagerade i att säkerställa att våra kunder har den allra bästa informationen till hands när de fattar sina avgörande affärsbeslut.


Curt Luks
Managing Director

Founder of Priceindx and its concept, with more than 30 years within communication and software development. As a former Market Director within Ericsson he has the experience of working globally without borders. 

Curt was at the center of the Internet birth and developing functionality that can be distributed through the global network today.

Jan Tallroth
Chief Growth Officer

Brand, communications, and business development specialist with 20+ years of experience from multidisciplinary tasks driving change for clients in Nordic and EMEA at Ogilvy and other market consultancy agencies.

Jan was also part of management in two digital startups on multi-markets. He had the position as market and sales director responsible for the launch of Hong Kong-based MTR Express speed trains in Sweden. Jan helps customers realize business growth.

Arez Moriarc
Key Account Director

Sales & optimization specialist with 10+ years of experience within tech, SaaS and e-commerce. Previous obligations have been e-commerce founder, sales director and key account manager for several successful and prominent companies and brands.

Passionate about developing this thing we call e-commerce to new heights and is looking forward in helping you to optimize your pricing strategy – with never before seen intelligence.

Martin Granberg
Chief Strategy Manager

Bachelor of int. Economics, 6+ years in China and total of 15+ years of Business Development within Sourcing/Ecom/Pricing/Digital, with such titles as Product Officer, Sourcing Manager, Business Development Manager.

These positions within well known companies have produced experience within data (SEO/SEM, ERP, PIM, BI) as well as the delivery systems such as CMS/LMS.

Martin is a certified board member who helps both smaller and larger companies with strategies surrounding pricing, rules, margins and how to organize their work into the daily management.

Daniel Fransson
IT Director

Responsible for technology and development since 2011. Daniel has a degree in Master of Science in Engineering whose main responsibility has been to maintain and develop our unique in-house developed software, ensuring that it provides accurate data, focusing on the customer’s needs in an increasingly changing market.

Bella Mileholt
Key Account Manager

Bella has a communicationstudies background and over 10 years experience from both startups and
well established companies within security, tech and retail. She has
always been very passionate about sales and driving businesses forward, as
well as helping her clients optimize their business through tailored

Några ord från våra kunder

Priceindx har hjälpt oss att förbättra vår konkurrenskraft och prissättningsintelligens samt att optimera våra produktsortimentsstrategier, vilket har gett oss en konkurrensfördel.

Vi får en automatisk månadsöversikt vilket gör att vi alltid ligger steget före konkurrenterna.

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